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Powered by magnets, proven by science and endorsed by growers. Plantsurge creates structured water that will give you stronger, healthier plants, abundant flowers and bigger yield.
  • Quick and easy to mount
  • Fits all hoses and jugs up to 20 mm ⌀ (XL for above 20 mm ⌀)
  • No need for electricity, batteries or maintenance
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Completely without chemicals
  • Lasts a lifetime
Plantsurge 599:- up to 20 mm ⌀
Plantsurge XL 3 800:- above 20 mm ⌀

365 day return policy!

Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding is an English horticulturalist and author who has pioneered modern no dig and organic soil management in the UK since 1983.

”What I’ve noticed is that in the polytunnel my winter salads were noticeably stronger in the colder weather and I am pretty confident that Plantsurge is contributing to this, my tomatoes and cucumbers were also amazing.”

- Homeacres, Somerset, England, Oktober 2023

Dave Hardy, the award winning daffodil grower shows the incredible growth boosting effects of Plantsurge water compared to tap water tested on Narcissus February Gold daffodils.

These remarkable results were seen 4 weeks after two identical sets of bulbs were planted into pots at the same time, with identical growing care ( same light, same soil, feed and amount of watering) – the only difference was the type of water used.

- Dave Hardy, Eskerfarmdaffodils, Northern Ireland

Tomato Test

Each image shows two plants, where Plantsurge has only been used on the one to the right.

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Tanya Anderson

Organic gardener and author

”I was amazed to see that Plantsurge watered seeds germinated quicker, and the young plants grew significantly larger. Lettuce, squash, pumpkins and even the Achocha I’m holding in the photo. I am both flabbergasted and overjoyed.”

- Isle of Man, England

Pea Test

Here we have done a test with pea shoots. The one on the left is watered with tap water and the one on the right is watered with Plantsurge.

Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 8
Day 11
Day 16


Plantsurge can be used on both watering cans and hoses.

Note: Works best when attached to plastic, steel and iron, as copper does not hold magnetisation.


Ben Wild

Owner of Wild Greens Farm in Brackenholme, UK

We grow edible flowers and microgreens for restaurants nationwide. To irrigate our 20,000 plants, we fitted two large Plantsurge magnetisers and we were surprised and delighted to see plugs flowering six days quicker than we expected, the benefits for our business bottom line has been noticeably improved. Plantsurge was easy to fit to our water pipes and we started using them the same day they arrived.
Watch his video here

Kirsy & Miles

My Home Farm

The science behind magnetic water can be traced back to the work of French scientist, Louis Pasteur, who in the last century began experiments on magnets and plant growth. Because our product Plantsurge has been causing such a stir in the garden industry with results that are proving almost ‘too good to be true’ – improved plant performance, bigger blooms, more yield and vibrant gardens- we were delighted when one of our favourite garden experts undertook an academic and scientific literature search and found no shortage of studies focussing on magnetised water and the impact it has on plants and seedlings.
Watch their video here

How Plantsurge was Discovered

The inspiration behind Plantsurge was Guy Cinnamon, keen gardener and founding member of London company Ecocamel, who himself had enjoyed almost a decade of success with the highly popular Ecocamel Descaler, a magnetic water softener for domestic homes. With the discovery of magnetic water being used to irrigate crops on a huge scale in Australia and horticultural journals recording dozens of studies showing benefits to seeds, fruits, and plants, Guy decided to evaluate magnetic water on plants in his own garden using an adapted descaler device.

When results showed the clear-cut benefits of magnetic water on his garden crops including tomatoes, peppers and courgettes and plants like Dahlias and Sunflowers, a decision was made to fund independent UK plants trials. Trial results proved to be remarkable.

How It Works

If you have you ever noticed just how vibrant and healthy your plants and gardens look after a thunderstorm, it’s because these effects are caused by the electrical charge in the rainwater. Plantsurge harnesses the power of magnets to give a similar effect on your plants, effects proven from independent plant trials, observations by commercial growers, professional gardeners and hobby plant enthusiasts.

Professor Coey from Dublin University, whose area of research includes magneto-electrochemistry and magneto-biology has conducted extensive studies which showed when hard water flows across static magnetic fields, the magnetic charge increases the aragonite to calcite ratio.

Read more about how it works here

Adam Kirkland

Adam Kirkland is a garden writer, podcaster (View from the potting bench) a lecturer and gardening expert. He started using Plantsurge in September 2021 and began testing magnetic water on Foxgloves.

”I am literally amazed! I water all my plants with Plantsurge attached to my hosepipe, I only remove it when I use tap water for the plant experiments( see the two foxgloves on the left ). I genuinely cannot believe the results I’m getting with the magnetic soft water.”